When British pro-EU activists march throughout the UK against Brexit

  They are British and stand against Brexit. They regularly organize national marches to demand that Brexit is stopped. The Stop Brexit March is a British protest bringing pro-EU activists together across the country. By gathering politicians, citizens and academics to demonstrate against Brexit, the demonstration aims at putting pressure on the British government to stop the withdrawal of the UK from the EU.


  Set up by a group of activists from the Remain movement, the Stop Brexit organisation has been leading several marches throughout the United-Kingdom to put a term to the overwhelming Brexit tragedy. The next national Stop Brexit march is to be organised on October 1st in Manchester, that is to say on the same day as the Conservative Party Conference in the UK. « Marching in Manchester on the first day of the Tory party conference offers the opportunity for our voices to be actually heard by Theresa May and her colleagues in the Convention Centre.« , the organisers explain on their official website.

  Here is a short video of what the Stop Brexit demonstrations look like :

Virginie CARDOSO

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