End of roaming : welcome to paradise!

The EU has worked for 10 years to eliminate extra roaming charges within the union. The end of roaming represents one of the key foundation of the EU’s Digital Single Market, and an important step to an accessible, sustainable digital society for all citizens.


On June 15, 2017, the dream came true and the EU achieved this wonderful objective. Now, there are no extra charges for calling, sending messages and use mobile data when traveling within the union. People can call, text and surf the internet for the same price they would pay if they were at home. In August 2017, several months after the end of roaming, the European Commission commissioned a survey to measure awareness about the abolition of roaming charges, and the impact this had on travelers.

More than 7 in 10 respondents are aware that roaming charges ended on 15 June 2017, and think people will benefit from it. Respondents who travelled to another EU country after 15 June 2017 are even more likely to be aware of the end of roaming (86%), and more than seven in ten of this group of respondents in each country are aware roaming charges have ended. The majority in each Member State see a benefit to themselves and/or friends and family.




In general, respondents in countries with higher proportions of travellers are more likely to be aware that roaming charges within the EU have ended. For example, respondents in Luxembourg, Slovenia and Austria are the most likely to have travelled within the EU in the last 12 months, and they are the also the most likely to be aware that roaming charges have ceased. Respondents in Greece, on the other hand, are the least likely to have travelled, and are the least likely to be aware



Almost 3/4 think they or someone they know will benefit from the end of extra roaming charges. A large majority (72%) think that they will personally or someone they know will benefit from the end of roaming. It is absolutely huge, and shows that, for once, European citizens are aware that the EU is doing something for them.

People with a smartphone who travelled in an EU country before 15 June were asked if they restricted their mobile phone use when they were not at home. It was a yes for the majority of travellers. However, it has changed since June 2017 : European citizens do not behave the same way. They now use their mobile phone without any restriction.



Voix d’Europe thinks that it is important to present every European success. It makes a greater, stronger Europe, and we hope that European citizens will be proud and glad to see that the EU works hard to build a powerful area. Let’s the world know the great news!



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