National Days in the EU

All the information about the European Union is not sad, wrong or politically-related! On a lighter note, we wanted to show the diversity of the member States with their National Days. Sovereign birthdays, independence Day, end of wars, so many reasons to celebrate the freedom of the European peoples. Let’s go for a little of History !

Member StatesDateCelebration
Austria26 OctoberAdoption of the Federal Constitutional Law in 1955
Belgium21 JulyLéopold Saxe-Cobourg- Gotha’s oath in 1831 to remain faithful to the Constitution
Bulgaria3 MarchSigning of the Treaty of San Stefano in 1878 declaring the independence of Bulgaria after a war between Russia and Turkey
Croatia25 JuneThe “State Day” celebrates the independence from Yugoslavia in 1991
Cyprus1 OctoberIndependence in 1959 from the United Kingdom
Czech Republic28 OctoberIndependence in 1918 from the Austro-Hungarian Empire and formation of the Czechoslovakia.
Denmark5 JuneFirst Danish Constitution sign in 1849 by King Frederick VII
Estonia24 FebruaryIndependence in 1918
Finland6 DecemberDeclaration of independence in 1917 after 800 of tutelage
France14 JulyStorming of the Bastille in 1789 which started the French Revolution
Germany3 OctoberUnity day celebrates the reunification in 1990 of the West Germany and East Germany
Greece25 MarchIndependence from the Ottoman Empire in 1822
Hungary15 March and 23 October15 March commemorates the Hungarian Revolution in 1848 23 October commemorates the revolution against the Soviet Union in 1956
Ireland17 MarchSaint Patrick’s Day celebrates the Patron Saint of the Irish
Italy2 JuneProclamation of the Republic in 1946
Latvia18 NovemberIndependence in 1918
Lithuania16 FebruaryIndependence in 1918
Luxembourg23 JuneThe Grand Duke’s birthday
Malta21 SeptemberIndependence in 1964 from the United Kingdom
The Netherlands27 AprilThe Monarch’s birthday
Poland3 MayAdoption of their first Constitution in 1791 (which happens to be the first Constitution in Europe)
Portugal10 June“Camões Day is the anniversary of the death of Portuguese poet Luis Vaz de Camões
Romania1 DecemberCommemoration of the Union of Transylvania in 1918
Slovakia1 JanuaryIndependence in 1992 and disintegration of Czechoslovakia
Slovenia25 JuneIndependence in 1991 from Yugoslavia
Spain12 October“Hispanic Day” celebrates the Spanish-speaking peoples across the world and the discovery of America by Christopher Colobus in 1492
Sweden6 JuneCelebration of the proclamation of Gustav Vasa as king in 1523 and adoption of a new Constitution in 1809

Wassila ZOUAG